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Info om Arge konferensen I Milano 2024

Arge 2024

Dear representatives of ARGE’s members, dear participants of previous ARGE Conferences,

Even though the overall economic environment remains uncertain and the situation in the construction sector has deteriorated significantly in many European countries, leading to a decline in demand for locks and building hardware, ARGE must remain committed to its tasks, which are primarily orientated towards the medium and long term. A key element of these tasks is proactively addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with technological and legal developments concerning our industry – for the benefit of our members and member companies.

Against this background ASSOFERMA, the Italian National Association of Lock, Hardware and Handle Manufacturers, and ARGE are busy preparing for the ARGE Conference 2024, which will be held in Milan, Italy, on 26th and 27th September. Please note that the original plan to hold the Conference mid-September had to be abandoned due to a colliding event.

The time format will be the same as for the recent Conferences:

Thursday, 26th September:

11:00: Open General Meeting (for members’ representatives)

  1. 12:00: Business Programme starts with lunch
  2. 20:30: Dinner

Friday, 27th September:

  1. 09:30: Business Programme
  2. 13:45: Business Programme ends with lunch
  3. Friday afternoon and evening: Optional programme for delegates and spouses

Main topics of the ARGE Conference 2024 will be:

  1. Digitalisation of our products and services (from a technological and legislative perspective), including the use of EPD in digital format
  2. Future of CE marking for locks and building hardware (the revised Construction Products Regulation is expected to be published in summer 2024)

Our colleagues at ASSOFERMA are busy arranging (a) an attractive spouse programme and (b) a casual optional programme for Friday afternoon and evening.

As informed already earlier, the Conference will be held at the Hotel Meliá.

The reason why I am contacting you today is that there is an urgency to make room reservations at the Conference Hotel. Our Conference takes place shortly after the end of the "Milano Moda Donna" fashion week, which means that the demand for hotel rooms will still be high, resulting in high room rates.

The room rates which ASSOFERMA managed to negotiate with Hotel Meliá, are undoubtedly on the high end compared with hotel prices at previous ARGE Conferences but are still substantially discounted compared with Hotel Meliá’s standard rates. In general, hotels in Milan are rather expensive.

These are the room rates at the Hotel Meliá for the ARGE Conference:

Single: € 279.- incl. breakfast + € 5.- tourist tax per person per night

Double: € 299.- incl. breakfast + € 5.- tourist tax per person per night

Rooms can be booked under this link, guaranteeing these preferential rates for the ARGE Conference. Please note that this link gets you to a landing page at the Hotel Meliá, where it reads: “ARGE: 70TH Annual Conference 25th - 28th September 2024 - Milan Italy …” I would like to confirm that the Conference will only take place on two days, namely 26th and 27th September (see above). However, the preferential rate applies for the period from arrival on Wednesday 25th September to departure on Saturday 28th September.

ASSOFERMA and ARGE strongly recommend that you make your room reservation as early as possible, ideally by 14th March (or at least by 14th April at the latest), even if you are not yet sure whether you will be attending the Conference or not. The hotel will reduce the number of rooms blocked by ASSOFERMA that are not yet booked as of 15th March in several steps.

Importantly and very pleasingly, the cancellation policy is extremely generous: When making a reservation using the link above, you only need to confirm the reservation with a credit card. No charge will be made to the credit card. The reservation can be cancelled until 11th September 2024, 17:00 CEST, without incurring any cancellation fees.

Despite the high hotel rates in Milano, ASSOFERMA and ARGE believe that the total cost of attending the Conference should be at approx. the same level as in previous years for the following reasons:

  1. The Conference fee for delegates and spouses will be on approx. the same level as in Stockholm and in Prague.
  2. Air fares to Milan are in many cases lower (from certain departure airports even significantly lower) than to most other European destinations.
  3. The Hotel Meliá is just a 5-minute walk from the first stop of the Malpensa Shuttle, a shuttle bus from the Airport Milano–Malpensa (which is the bigger of the two airports of Milan; the smaller one is Milano-Linate). The fare of the shuttle is € 10.-; so there is no need for spending money on a taxi.

As in previous years, ARGE will prepare the draft programme for the Conference by the end of April/beginning of May and then invite to register for the Conference.

ASSOFERMA and ARGE would be delighted to welcome you at the ARGE Conference 2024, and – as outlined above – encourage you to make your hotel reservation as early as possible!